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22nd Apr 2010

Thursday // 3pm // 4 years ago

Too thin to be a feminist icon!

As it’s very clear to us Katie Price is a big believer in post feminism! She believes you’ve got what your given so use it to your advantage. She’s caused controversy over her attitude and her image but does she care? no! and will she carry on? yes! And that’s why we love her!

Germaine Geer has said that young celebrities like Katie Price are too ‘thin’ to be feminist icons!

Dr Greer described Katie Price - who has made a fortune since her rise from being glamour girl Jordan through book, magazine and clothing line deals - as a “genius”.


Greer said ‘Katie Price doesn’t look healthy because she isn’t a ‘fat-bottomed creature’.

Geer also said she ‘wasn’t worthy of being a true feminist icon because of her skinny frame and over indulgence in plastic surgery.’

She said: ‘I wish I could say Katie Price because I think the girl’s a genius, except that I also think she’s destroying herself … and that’s not a pretty picture.’

I mean, is it me or are you all wondering who she thinks she is saying this about Katie? I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but why accuse her of being too thin when in September 2008, she weighed herself live on GMTV and the scales showed she is 8st 2lb. ‘So now you know. I was eight stone four before I had my boobs done. So I’m not “a shocking seven stone”’, she told presenter Lorraine Kelly.

Katie is an icon, she shows women that we should do what we want, dress how we like and act how we like! Who is Geer to say she can’t be a feminist icon? I didn’t know you had to be a certain size to be a feminist icon?! Isn’t this what feminists are supposed to be fighting for? Equality and how having to dress or look a certain way? Contradiction or what?!

So i think i’ve finally concluded that half the population hate Katie and the olther half love her. She hasn’t asked for us all to love her. You either love her or hate her but does she care? No!

18th Apr 2010

Sunday // 4pm // 4 years ago

A fairy tale destroyed.

To the nation it seemed like the perfect romance. Everyone was hooked! So was i. Katie Price, the famous page 3 model, Peter Andre the one hit wonder soft guy. The late night romps, the sauceyness in the river! We couldnt get enough when they first met in Im a celebrity get me out of here in 2003. They married in a lavish ceremony which was plastered over every magazine! It was out of this world! They are big characters and they wanted a big wedding! This shows how much high self esteem this couple had together. They werent afraid of doing what they wanted and they wanted bigger and better than anyone else! Katie wanted to stand out and alot of people who do want to stand out do have very high self esteem. I believe here she has achieved her ideal self. She wants to be the center of attention. It was a fairytale wedding, and so it seemed was their relationship.

After 4 and a half years of marriage and 2 children together it came as a huge shock to the british public that after 4 and a half years of what seemed a perfect marriage, on the 11th May 2009 Katie Price and Peter Andre announced they were to be divorced. Divorced i screamed?!?!?!?!?! NO WAY! not a chance, i was hooked on their reality show, Katie & Peter the next chapter! Even though we all knew they argued like cat and dog and that Katie wore the trousers in the relationship, never did anyone think that Peter Andre the doting dad and husband would leave Katie Price! At first i was mad! Why would he leave her? and especially when he kept his lips sealed as to why he left! Even when the couple split up, we still didnt see katie’s confidence be knocked, she still put on a show and showed us how confident she was. It seems like nothing can knock her confidence and she doesnt care. But then it emerged that Pete was favoured by the British public where as Katie popularity somewhat dissappeared! It was the most talked about news in 2009! The world went crazy! And i couldnot believe it! I am still gutted now!

18th Apr 2010

Sunday // 3pm // 4 years ago

22nd Mar 2010

Monday // 6am // 4 years ago

Jordan proves her weight.

With Katie’s every move documented, when she loses a few pounds the world seems to go crazy! When Katie had her breasts reduced she admitted that she had lost a few pounds (which is understandable when you think about it) but the magazines and newspapers went wild making up accusations.

But as Katie likes to set the story straight she appeared on live TV and weighed herself infront of the whole nation. Katie said

"All these magazines are saying I’m shockingly thin, this-and-that. Was I a whale before?"

With magazines and newspapers claiming that she was a

"shocking 7 stone"

Katie weighed herself to prove to the nation that she was a healthy 8 stone 2lbs, and that she wasnt crash dieting. Katie has always been naturally slender but she gets mad of the magazines and newspapers making up all of these lies. Looking at Goffman it is clear that Katie’s actions show us that Katie has high self esteem and good self presentation. Her actual self seems to be quite close to her actual self which is why she is always so confident. You never see Katie with no confidence. I think she is happy and comfortable with her figure and how she looks and people are trying to stop that. People are trying to knock her self confidence by making up lies about her. But Katie holds her head high and carry’s on.

Katie has admitted in the past to going on diets and working out. She enjoys working out and does alot of exercise as she rides horses. Katie also made a fitness dvd which she really enjoyed doing. Katie believes eating healthy and doing exercise is good for you, she does not promote starvation and crash diets. She just wants to stop the accusations.

22nd Mar 2010

Monday // 6am // 4 years ago

Causing controversy!

Whether its good news, bad news or nothing to do with Katie, she always seems to be in the limelight. With her new born, Katie has sparked a row by bottle feeding rather than breast feeding. Surly its any woman’s choice to breast feed or not?

There are thousands of women who don’t breast feed, so why pin point Katie? Is it because she’s famous? because she’s supposed to set an example? It seems no matter what she does, its always wrong. She’s always causing a row. I think its stupid the way people are so sad to pin point her and write an article about her on breast feeding. Just because she’s a topless model doesn’t mean she has to breast feed. The Sun claims

 ’THEY were her ticket to fame ? but this time Jordan is causing more controversy by NOT getting her boobs out.’

Just  because Katie chose to have a breast enlargement it does not mean she has to breast feed. Even though this article is written by a woman, i still feel it reinforces the idea that we still live in a patriarchal society. Believing that just because she is a mother she now has to take on the traditional motherly roles like breastfeeding. Were now living in the 21st Century and supposedly a non patriarchal society! So why is this issue cause such as up raw?

Every woman has their own likes and dislikes, alot of women prefer bottle feeding as they dont like to breast feed in public, (which is quite understandable). And even though Katie is quite happy to expose herself, she may not want to expose herself breast feeding, it is a very private thing.

Even thought Katie has a new baby and she is bottle feeding, why strike her? Why not pin point another woman? I’m sure there are plenty of women (celebrities or not celebrities) who chose to bottle feed rather than breast feed.It just seems that no matter what Katie does, there is always a drama and she’s always causing controversy, i think she should be able to live her life how she wants and i think the media should leave her alone. Maybe Katie’s self confidence is not quite what it usually is? A lot of women experience depression and loss of self confidence. Goffman would say because of her weight gain and baby bump due to pregnancy her former ‘ideal self’ has been pushed away from her actual self which couldn’t be helped due to her bump so obviously her self confidence is going to drop. Katie’s roles have also changed, she has now turned to her mothering role and left her independent role behind.

Post feminists would say that Katie has a right to chose whether to breast feed just like any other woman. Post feminists believe that women can use their body to get what they want and do what they want. Kaite is a strong believer in this and she wont let anyone tell her what to do.

02nd Feb 2010

Tuesday // 4pm // 4 years ago

My first discovery…

So here i am, browsing the Internet googling Katie Price per usual and i come across a rather old news article, November 2003 be to exact. This was before i even knew Katie Price existed. And almost as soon as i start reading this i begin to laugh, Katie has always told her fans how one minute she gets good press, the other the world hate her! And it looks like I’ve found on here, i see…

 ’India Knight meets the country’s trashiest pin-up and argues that she is an unholy mix of feminism, men’s desires and ladette culture who tells us about the way we are’.

As a supporter of Katie Price, i know she exercises some of the post feminist views by the way she dresses, the way she acts and the way she has built her entire career on her body! i can already tell i am not going to like this article. Why is it the papers change their opinions of Katie Price on almost a daily basis? Cant these people make up their minds? I understand a lot of feminists won’t like the way Katie acts and the way she has made millions out of posing topless in men’s magazines. Feminists see believe that we are still living in a patriarchal society but majority of women don’t realise it because its the ‘norm’. They may feel that Katie is being used by men for their ’pleasure’ but she just doesn’t know it. 

The article goes on about how Katie Price is ‘trashy’, has a ‘Freakish figure’ and is ‘seriously dirty’. They then turn to Katie Price as a ‘bad mother’ talking about her ‘party-loving ways’ whilst pregnant with the footballer Dwight Yorke’s child and how she had an affair with Gareth Gates whilst 4 months pregnant. Ok, ok maybe she does some bad things, but don’t we all? no body is perfect right? and because of her job, unfortunately her private life gets splashed all over the press on a daily basis. I’m sure if every one’s life was published in every magazine and newspaper then the public would find out some very awful things about people!

Oh wait… this article is really pushing it here! I cannot believe this was actually even published! How dare this newspaper say that Harvey’s (Katie’s first born son) blindness and health problems were inflicted by Katie! How can they say that! How could she possibly be responsible for giving Harvey septo-optic dysplasia! Even though i don’t know 100% what the condition is, i know its genetic! And had nothing to do with Katie and the way she lived her life! I don’t know how people can be so heartless and write this about her! At the end of the day she is human like the rest of us! I sometimes think to myself, surley her self confidence would fall because of all this bad press? I know that if people were writing cruel, untrue stories about my private life i would be devastated! She obviously has a very good strong family around her and help her through this. She must be very content in herself and with her life to keep her confidence on the up!

Hmm, this news article has decided to change its tune.

 ’It is another aspect of her extraordinary personality that it would be very hard to really upset Jordan. There’s nothing you can say — slag, unfit mother, orgiastic party girl — that hasn’t been said and that she can’t take in her stride.’

Surely they aren’t singing Katie’s praises now? God the press get me mad! Finally, an actual quote from Katie (I was wondering if they were actually going to have a quote from her or whether they were just going keep making things up!)

 “You people [the press] have made me strong. I used to be this gullible young girl and cry and cry, and get stitched up — then I thought, ‘This is a load of old bollocks’. I have got a heart, but it’s private. Which is just as well because of the crap I’ve had to put up with.”

This just shows how strong she is and how she has created an emotional barrier between her and the press, so no matter what people say about her she just shrugs it off.

Now they’ve decided to start slagging Katie off again! Explaining how she put on an X-rated display on a table in a night club for her boyfriend which the press quoted

'I can’t actually write down a description because you’d choke on your cornflakes'.

 Feminists would argue that women and men should be treated equally so why should Katie be victimised? Men don’t get victimised like women do. Post feminists would say that Katie has a right to dance on tables, it’s her body and she can choose how to use it. Katie obviously has very high self esteem as she is always happy to dance on tables in night clubs and be the centre of attention! She has obviously achieved her ideal self and she is obviously very comfortable with herself.But i don’t understand what’s wrong with her having high self esteem!? I wish i felt as confident about myself and she does! Women should envy her! I know that if i had her confidence i would love it! Women should celebrate confidence not bury it.

'scary Jordan on the one hand and sweet Katie on the other? “Not as much as I used to. I’m still me and I know who I am. Jordan is my job. Katie doesn’t sit at home in her sexy underwear, covered in make-up holding Harvey, like this,” she pouts grotesquely and then starts laughing. “I like to eat home food, chill on the sofa, eat chocolate biscuits, see my animals.” 

Straight out of the horses mouth! What more do they want? Katie even tells us herself she isn’t the ‘slut’ that everyone says she is! She is just a normal down to earth girl who is just like everybody else apart from her job! (Which most girls would want!)

So, within just a couple of minutes Ive already found hundred’s of articles slating Katie Price. But why should everyone judge her? I’m interested to see what i find next time!

Katie Price, pregnant with Harvey